The Wayward Realms looks even more like an Elder Scrolls game in its new trailer

The Wayward Realms, a new fantasy RPG from former Elder Scrolls developers, has a new lore-heavy trailer introducing the game's world.

In case you didn't catch word when it was revealed back in August, the debut title from OnceLost Games sounds incredibly ambitious. The development team behind The Wayward Realms is being led by The Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall leads Julian LeFay and Ted Peterson, who describe the game as having "choice and consequence" elements "on a scale never attempted before." The official description also says The Wayward Realms' map is "way bigger than most other games you can think of." This game is apparently so different from any other RPG that OnceLost says it exists in a whole new class of game: The Grand RPG. 

Regardless of its purported grandiosity, The Wayward Realms probably looks vaguely familiar - in a good way! - if you're a fan of the Elder Scrolls series. The new trailer is an atmospheric lullaby foretelling of a world taken by some sort of evil force. Not much is known about the story at this point, but today's new trailer adds a few new crumbs of lore pointing to goblins, stone-shaking Sarkonic roars, and fire baths.

The trailer ends as the camera travels through a dank dungeon inside a cave, apparently ruled by its king and sole inhabitant: some dude with a sword and fire powers. Oh, and some thing is growling and stomping in the background - probably said dude's killer pet.

The Wayward Realms doesn't have a release date yet - and the developers previously indicated it's still "several years" away - but you can add it to your wishlist now on Steam.

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Jordan Gerblick

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