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Ultimate SFX200 VOTE

The Big SFX 200 Poll is now down to the final round…

So here it is - the final round of the Big SFX 200 Poll to celebrate the publication of the 200th issue of SFX next week.

These 10 characters won each of the 10 individual categories polls , and now they’re going into one final votestorm to discover who is SFX readers’ ultimate SF or Fantasy character ever.

Vote now, and the results will be announced next Wednesday, the day SFX 200 comes out.

(And remember, you are voting for the characters AS A WHOLE, in all their various incarnations, not just, for example, Matt Smith as Doctor Who or Christopher Lee as Dracula – the pics are just there as a guide and to stop the page looking dull.)

We like this poll. It’s exciting.