Claudia Winkleman confirms The Traitors season 2 with cloaked-up casting call announcement

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors trailer
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Claudia Winkleman has confirmed that The Traitors is officially coming back for a second season. The hit British gameshow's host took to Twitter on Monday, February 27 to share the news – and encourage those who think they have what it takes to fool the Faithfuls or sniff out a saboteur to apply.

"Hi, it's Claud here. Sorry to interrupt, I've got a small question for you and yes, you're right, the cloak might be giving it away," she says in the video. "Can you spot a liar? Could you betray those around you? How would you fare at the Round Table? What I'm asking is, would you like to play?"

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Based on the Dutch series De Verraders, which first aired in March 2021, The Traitors sees a bunch of strangers take up residence in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. Towards the start of each installment, the group is divided up into Faithfuls and Traitors and the aim of the game, essentially, is for the Faithfuls to identify each of the Traitors before it's too late. 

You see, the prize fund, which the contestants build up through challenges throughout the series, is split between the remaining Faithfuls when the competition concludes. But if there are any Traitors in their midst at the end, they steal the cash for themselves. 

In almost every episode, the Traitors have the power to "murder" an unsuspecting Faithful, while the Faithfuls work together to banish those they believe are Traitors. Before they're booted out, each contestant must reveal whether they've been playing as a Faithful or a Traitor.

"We were delighted so many viewers of BBC One and BBC iPlayer loved the first season," said Studio Lambert CEO Stephen Lambert (via Deadline (opens in new tab)).

"They told us they enjoyed the drama and entertainment of watching our players judge each other, often leaping to false conclusions, but also forming alliances and real friendships. We’re excited to be making a second season with Claudia as together we build on the success of the first."

The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer in the UK now. If reality TV isn't your bag, check out our guide to the most exciting new TV shows coming our way across 2023.

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