The Suicide Squad director James Gunn addresses Bloodsport spinoff rumors

King Shark in The Suicide Squad
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The Suicide Squad director James Gunn has dispelled rumors of a Bloodsport spinoff project.

"There is a possibility of seeing more Bloodsport in the near future – something I'd love to see! – but there is nothing currently in development. So this story is false," Gunn wrote on Twitter (opens in new tab), in response to a fan.

Bloodsport, played by Idris Elba, was introduced in The Suicide Squad, and was one of the few characters to make it out of the film unscathed. The sharpshooter was jailed for putting Superman in the ICU with a Kryptonite bullet, and clashed with Peacemaker in the film – so that seems like plenty of material to mine for spinoff storylines, should one get the greenlight.

While Bloodsport might not be getting his own project just yet, one spinoff of The Suicide Squad is releasing in a few months – Peacemaker, which follows John Cena's titular character, will hit HBO Max in January 2022. Gunn has teased that the series will be "quieter" than The Suicide Squad, but is "still within a big science-fiction storyline that lasts for one season," though there's a possibility for Peacemaker to stretch beyond just one installment. The director has also said the series "ends up being connected to other DC properties," though which exactly remains to be seen.

From Gunn's comments, we can assume Bloodsport won't be showing up in Peacemaker – though it seems a project involving Elba's character isn't completely off the table. The assassin could even show up again in a potential The Suicide Squad 2, though there's currently no sequel officially in the works.

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