The Sony Inzone H7 is finally down to a reasonable price for Black Friday

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Amidst the chaos of Black Friday, we're currently reviewing the Sony Inzone H7 headset. While it's proving to be a fantastic all-rounder that truly sets itself apart from other mid-range headsets, its high price ultimately lets it down.

Luckily for you, though, Black Friday gaming deals have arrived. To our surprise, all three of the Sony Inzone headsets, as well as the M9 monitor have all seen price reductions. Of all of them, we'd argue that the Inzone H7 Black Friday offer is the best to go for. Down from its adjusted retail price of $198 / £199, the Sony Inzone H7 is now seeing a Black Friday price drop to $148 / £149

Sony has made some big moves into the PC market this year with its range of Inzone products. While they've all been met with critical praise, the common gripe has often been their lofty price-points. In particular, our problem with the H7 is that it doesn't know where to stand in the market. Regardless of its premium features like simultaneous Bluetooth, it's still supposed to be the middling option between the flagship H9 and budget H3. Yet, its price sits far closer to the almost unaffordable H9. 

In this deal, however, you catch the Inzone H7 in a perfect halfway-house between the H3 and H9. At just $148, this headset is actually a total steal. Suddenly you're now paying a mid-range price for a great mid-range headset. We aren't certain when the price of the Inzone range will drop again, so it's worth acting on quick if you're interested.

If you're more keen on the other Inzone products it's worth noting that they've been discounted too. The H3 has dropped from $99 to $78, and the H9 has dropped from $299.99 to $278. If it's the M9 Monitor you're after, it's been reduced from $899.99 to $798. All of those offers have equivalents in the UK, just take a look below for the best prices in your region.

Sony Inzone H7 $198

Sony Inzone H7 | $198 $148 at Amazon
Save $50 - The Inzone H7 is a fantastic gaming headset for PS5 and PC. It has an amazing simultaneous Bluetooth feature that lets you connect to your phone while also paired with your console or PC. This is much more reasonable price for it, and who knows when it'll be this cheap again.

Sony Inzone H7 £199

Sony Inzone H7 | £199  £149 at Amazon
Save £50 - The Inzone H7 is a brilliant gaming headset for PS5 and PC. Its simultaneous Bluetooth function in particular is a standout, and this deal brings it to a much more reasonable price. If we were you, we'd buy now.

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