The Passion Of The Christ 2: Mary's Story?

There’s only one true god in Hollywood – and that’s the almighty dollar, so, after the blockbusting success of Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ, we’re not shocked that MGM are prepping a follow-up picture – we’re just surprised that it took this long.

Myriam, Mother Of The Christ, written by Passion’s co-scribe Benedict Fitzgerald, will be seen as a Passion prequel by the less religious folks in the audience, as it describes the events leading up to Jesus’ birth, from Mary’s perspective.

Studio-bod (or MGM chief operating officer) Rick Sands is certainly excited about the project. “We believe that a feature of this quality and pedigree will have an inherent appeal to many movie consumers in North America. The film has the potential to become a perennial favourite each holiday season.”

Myriam, Mother Of The Christ is planned for a Easter 2008 release.