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The official Xbox One controller is $46 at Walmart (save $13) today

Official Xbox One controller is $45 at Walmart
Official Xbox One controller is $45 at Walmart

Update: The Black version has sold out at Walmart, but is available for $46.88 at Amazon.

If you're looking for a new controller for Xbox One or PC, you're in luck! Right now Walmart has the official controller for $44.90 in Black, and $46.88 in White, saving you about $15 off the regular price. That's a decent saving on something every Xbox One owner needs, and it's a perfect excuse to either replace that worn-down old controller that has seen you through countless sessions of Battlefield 1 and The Witcher 3. Or its a great opportunity to bring in a friend, or an  embarrassing family member who will ask you how many Marios are inside your Xbox when you try to get them involved with a game of Overcooked 2.

Xbox One controller (black) is $46.88 at Amazon (save $13)
This is the official controller, and it usually retails for around $59, so you're saving a nice chunk of cash here. Works with PC too.View Deal

Xbox One controller (white) is $46.88 at Walmart (save $13)
Not as big a saving on the white controller, but still a decent wedge of cash off the regular price. And it's still the official model.View Deal

Perhaps the official controller isn't enough for you? Not fancy enough for your lordly tastes, or not customizable enough to satisfy your pro-gamer needs? Well, your highness, Walmart has the Xbox One Elite controller for a tidy $145, which is a rather good saving on the normal price of $179. It's a bigger investment, but it's a lovely controller, and will definitely impress at least one of your friends, and perhaps even your cat, if indeed you own a cat.

Xbox One Elite controller is $145 at Walmart
Walmart lists an additional saving of $5 on this item, but it usually has a sticker price of $179 in other places, so this is a top deal too.View Deal

Frankly, if you're in need of a new Xbox One controller, this really is your lucky day. Even luckier than the day you found a $5 bill wrapped around a rabbits foot, clutched by the dead hand of a Leprechaun. That's happened to everyone at some point right?

For more great offers, check out our cheap Xbox One deals page, or compare prices over at our guide to buying an Xbox One controller cheap. Also, I'd like to stress that the Leprechaun was dead when I found him, OK?

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