The Mandalorian creators talk bringing Ahmed Best back – and tease "resolution" in season 3's final episodes

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Jon Favreau has explained why they brought Ahmed Best back to the franchise in The Mandalorian season 3. The showrunner took to the stage at Star Wars Celebration 2023 to chat about the Jar Jar Binks actor's casting – and brought along some pals to discuss what's to come in the show, too. 

"He's someone who's always been there with us," Favreau said, remembering when he and executive producer Dave Filoni were discussing who could save baby Grogu in the latest batch of episodes. "The appreciation when he appeared on screen was such a wonderful moment."

 "It had to be someone who cared about star wars as much as we do, as much as you do," Filoni added.

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 "We've been taking the time this season to pull all of those threads together. A lot of interesting things have been planted that we can see some resolution of," director Rick Famuyiwa promised of the final two episodes of The Mandalorian's current chapter.

The Mandalorian season 3 is currently continuing on Disney Plus, dropping a new episode weekly. After the events of The Book of Boba Fett, Mando and Grogu are reunited once more and are off on new adventures together. So far, this season has seen them fight pirates, travel to Mandalore, and rejoin the covert. 

Bo-Katan Kryze has also been a major feature of the new episodes. She's on a mission to unite the Mandalorians and retake Mandalore, which will surely be easier now that she's in possession of the Darksaber

Jon Favreau has confirmed that The Mandalorian season 4 has already been written, but, as he told GamesRadar+, he doesn't yet have an ending in mind. 

"I think the beauty of this is that it's a middle chapter of a much larger story," he said. "And though we'll have resolution over time with these characters, I think that how these characters fit into the larger scope and scale, but it's not like there's a finale that we're building to that I have in mind. Quite the contrary, I love for these stories to go on and on. And so these characters potentially could be with us for a while, and I really love telling stories in their voice, and I love the way the adventures unfold and I'm looking forward to doing much more." 

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