The last Spider-Man PS4 DLC (for now at least) is coming Dec. 21, here's what it includes

Spider-Man PS4's The City That Never Sleeps DLC series will finally put itself to bed when the third and final chapter arrives on December 21. The last part of the DLC trilogy is titled Silver Lining, and as you may have already gleaned from the name, it will bring mercenary princess Silver Sable back onto the scene in a big way (she isn't here to apologize for butting heads with Peter before).

Meanwhile, mob boss Hammerhead continues to wreak havoc after being introduced in the second DLC pack, setting up a climactic clash between himself, Spider-Man, and Silver Sable. Let's be real, Black Cat's probably going to show up again too so we can get the whole The City That Never Sleeps gang together.

Silver Lining also has you covered if you're more interested in swinging around and looking cool. Like the other two episodes, it adds three new suits to the game, each with a distinct look and backstory. The highlight this time is Peter Parker's suit from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse which is hitting theaters this week. So you can go watch the movie then come home, boot up your PS4, and roleplay your own schlubby Peter Parker adventures.

Another movie tie-in while we're on the subject: if you pre-order Into the Spider-Verse on PSN you'll get a Silver Lining Dynamic Theme for your PS4 for free (though it isn't clear when the film will hit digital distribution as it's just beginning its theatrical run now). The two other new DLC suits are deeper cuts: you have Cyborg Spider-Man, who got his robot parts after nearly dying in a battle with the Sinister Six back in 1992; and the Aaron Aikman Armor Suit, a robo-armored Spidey from a 2014 issue of the Spider-Verse alternate universe comics series.

Insomniac could always decide to do more DLC for Spider-Man, but Silver Sable marks the end of the road for The City That Never Sleeps. Either way, I doubt we've seen the last of this particular Peter Parker.

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