The Intel Arc A770 isn't dead, but the company's 'Limited Edition' GPU is retiring

Intel Arc A770 limited edition up close in a gaming pc
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Intel has discontinued the Limited Edition model of its flagship Arc graphics card, the A770. Despite being one of the most affordable 16GB video cards on the market and being supported since its initial launch, Intel has made the decision to put a halt on the manufacturing of its homemade SKU.

To clarify, however, this doesn't mean all models of the Intel Arc A770 have been discontinued. The models made by brand partners like the Acer Predator Bifrost and Gunnir Photon will continue to sell since Intel will ship silicons of them. 

The Intel Arc A770 launched back in October of 2022 and has been praised by many in the gaming PC markets for its affordability - even Nvidia's RTX 4070 Ti doesn't have the 16GB of VRAM the A770 LE does.

All orders of the Limited Edition GPU made before the 20th of June will still ship to customers, and this change doesn't impact the A750 Limited Edition, which Intel will continue to manufacture.

While many reported the news yesterday as though the 16GB Intel Arc GPU's product life was coming to a final end, it's actually the case that Intel is just ceasing to manufacture its "limited edition" models. This is comparable to Nvidia's Founders Edition graphics cards being in limited stock, and only being manufactured for a new model's release.

This news was first broken by our sister site PC Gamer, which reported the story after Intel issued a statement. 


A boxed Acer predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

The A770 will most likely still see the performance patches and software support that it has up until now, as Intel has bigger plans for its graphics cards now that it's initiated the Balanced Builds scheme.

Back in March, Intel announced via its social media channels that the Acer Predator BiFrost A770 would receive a 43% performance boost, and driver updates continue to improve performance as the company rolls them out.

Moreover, there seem to be A770 boards from more brand partners on the way. Sparkle announced it would introduce an A770 Titan. 

Intel's second-generation of Arc graphics architecture is slated to be on the way, and is codenamed Battlemage, meaning that we'll likely see more Intel graphics cards entering the fray next year.

In other news, Intel announced a new naming structure for its better-known CPUs last week, which is the first branding update in 15 years from the component giant.

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