The Help director in talks for Peace Like A River

The Help director Tate Taylor is currently in talks to adapt the Leif Enger novel, Peace Like A River , for the big screen.

After the financial success of The Help (which did well in its first week at the US box office), Dreamworks are keen to work with Taylor again, this time teaming up with Warner Bros and Brad Pitt's Plan B production company.

David Brown and Kit Golden will produce, alongside Pitt.

Peace Like A River
, set in 1962, is a tale narrated by Reuben, an asthmatic 11-year-old boy who lives with his oddball family in smalltown Minnesota.

When Reuben’s older brother guns down intruders in the family home, he is convicted but runs away to escape prosecution. Reuben, his sister and widowed father then travel the Midwest in search of him.

Warner and Plan B have been working on adapting the novel for a long time, but have struggled with finding a suitable director. With The Help being set in a similar time period, and juggling a large ensemble, Taylor would appear to be a spot-on choice.

Peace Like A River has not been confirmed as Taylor’s next outing, as he is apparently considering several projects, but it remains a possibility.

The Help , starring Emma Stone, opens in UK cinemas on 28 October 2011.