The Gears 5 soundtrack on vinyl is available for pre-order

(Image credit: Laced Records)

The Gears 5 soundtrack is available for pre-order over at Laced Records, available in a Deluxe Double Vinyl set and a Limited Edition set. The OST vinyl, composed by Game of Thrones and Iron Man composer Ramin Djawadi, is comprised of 18 specially-remastered tracks pressed to 180g heavyweight vinyl.

Both vinyl sets come packaged in an attractive gatefold sleeve, while only the limited edition set comes pressed to transparent red and orange vinyl. The limited edition set is exclusive to the Laced Records store. Both sets are available for pre-order for $35 via Laced Records, and you can expect your vinyl to ship in February.

"Game of Thrones and Iron Man composer Ramin Djawadi deftly blends a heavyweight Hollywood sound with impassioned melodies, bringing to life Kait’s journey across the icy wastes and dusty deserts of Gears 5. The soundtrack features a varied mixture of orchestral textures, huge-sounding percussion, and atmospheric electronic sounds," Laced Records writes of Gears 5's score.

The masterfully-composed and varied soundtrack of Gears 5 is just one of its highlights. GamesRadar's review assures fans that "Everything you’ve ever loved about Gears of War returns in Gears 5, and there’s nothing wrong with a little good ol’ fashioned AAA spectacle."

The 18 tracks featured on the soundtrack include Kait's Theme, Riftworm Village, Ice Overworld and Combat, Sand Overworld, Kraken Combat, Azura Combat, and Bittersweet Victory.

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