The Game Awards Festival is coming back with more demos next week

The Game Awards Festival
(Image credit: The Game Awards)

The Game Awards Festival will return next week with a fresh crop of demos to play.

The festival will be held as part of the celebration surrounding The Game Awards, which are set to stream online on December 10 (and which recently revealed Tom Holland as a presenter). TGA producer Geoff Keighley isn't teasing any specifics about which games may be included during the festival, just that they'll be "playable first-look demos at upcoming games." He also didn't say if it will once again be an exclusive partnership with Steam, or if other platforms will be part of the celebrations this year.

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The first Game Awards Festival last year included access to Steam demos from more than  a dozen games, representing remakes of beloved titles such as System Shock as well as a spread of indie projects like Spiritfarer and SkateBird. Steam kept the demos coming with more events after that, including the Steam Summer Game Festival, which offered early access to more than 900 titles.

While we wait to find out what games we'll be able to try next week, we can look back to the list of The Game Awards 2020 nominees and make our own predictions for who is going to take home the big metal angel thing trophy. I think Animal Crossing: New Horizons deserves the nod for Game of the Year, personally - especially with what a huge cultural impact it had in 2020. However, The Last of Us 2 took top honors as a Golden Joystick 2020 winner and I wouldn't bet against it claiming another victory at the next week's event.

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