The first Palworld Raid has arrived, and the survival game's community is shouting one base-saving tip from the rooftops: "Bellanoir will destroy everything you build"

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Palworld's first Raid boss has just gone live, and players are warning others from initiating the fight too close to base, lest they be torn to shreds by Bellanoir.

A new Palworld patch released earlier today introduced a litany of impressive quality-of-life fixes, but it's the debut of Raid boss Bellanoir that's understandably headlining the new update. While the game's first Raid boss is exciting, it's mostly got players desperately warning others not to start the fight in a base that they actually care about. 

"You need to use an empty base in order to fight because Bellanoir will destroy everything you build," reads a popular Palworld subreddit post, from a user walking others through the Raid. "I recommend you build your Palbox on the edge of a cliff and place the Summoning Altar at the bottom. You'll need to move all your pals to the bottom too but it'll be worth it."

If you're wondering why players would even fight Bellanoir within their base, it's because the Summoning Altar can only be positioned inside a base zone. Therefore it's not really possible to fight Bellanoir in the middle of nowhere with just the pals in your party, although I suppose you could put all your base pals into storage and go it alone with just the squad on you if you really wanted.

The player in question says Bellanoir "destroyed" their base, and then they had to fight the 'Libero' version, which is even stronger than the standard one. The beefed-up version of the Raid boss apparently destroyed the player's Palbox in just three minutes - and if your Palbox is reduced to zero health points, you immediately fail the Raid.

Bellanoir has a devastating laser beam attack which apparently tears through buildings "like butter" – the original post author's base was three stories high before Bellanoir rocked up and promptly smashed everything to smithereens. Oh, and if you're thinking about summoning Bellanoir mid-air and causing it to die from fall damage, the boss seems to be invulnerable to fall damage.

Other raiders report similarly chaotic experiences. One veteran adds that the Raid is a "messy fight," and there's so many pals on screen at once that it might even cause your PC to stutter and drop frames. Another player argues that the Raid boss necessitates a "Raid base" built specifically around tough battles, and others reckon it'd be nice if Palworld gave players a base slot just for Raid bases – one more excuse for the community to beg for added base slots. 

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