Palworld patch adds slew of new items, abilities, and quality-of-life changes, leading to "amazing" praise from players: "These guys keep knocking it out of the park"

Palworld Breeding
(Image credit: Pocketpair, inc.)

Palworld's new patch is out right now, introducing the game's first Raid boss, and other features that are drawing huge praise from players.

Chiefly, the new update debuts Bellenoir, the game's first Raid boss, which Palworld players previously dubbed their goth girlfriend (as you do). The rest of the patch notes can be found on Twitter, and it's a pretty hefty update for the action-packed survival game.

Other noteworthy aspects of the patch are the addition of Training Manuals and Ancient Technical Manuals: the former grants XP to pals whenever gifted, while the latter can be found randomly in chests, granting you ancient technology points whenever used.

There's also a new Recovery Med item, which will slowly heal you when used, and the Homeward Thundercloud ability, which immediately teleports you back to your home base. Elsewhere, Ability Glasses lets you see your pal's stats when equipped, and a new Multiclimate Undershirt clothing item will protect you against both hot and cold weather at once.

Some of the nitty-gritty details are going down a treat with Palworld players. Over on the game's subreddit for example, players are full of praise for the new 'Mercy Hit' passive ability, which stops pals from reducing enemy HP below one point when attacking, so the player can easily capture the opposing creature. 

Players similarly enjoy the new Ore Mining Site building for home bases, which lets you produce ore from the comfort of your base. "This is huge," one player writes, while another adds, "I've got an entire base that I can just delete now." It looks like developer Pocketpair is trying to streamline the base-building process, with another player adding "we're into the aesthetic base meta now, boys."

"You can now force a Pal to work and cancel their break by picking them up and throwing them towards a facility," is a new addition in the Palworld patch that's drawing some laughs. "They definitely know their player base," one comment reads, while another player writes that, if anything, Palworld has succeeded in proving that everyone is Jeff Bezos.

"There are so many absolutely amazing quality of life changes in this patch, it's honestly insane. These guys keep knocking it out of the park," adds another player. "For real. Faster button press on hatching? I had a mod for convenience. Now I suspect they looked at top mod downloads," writes another player in response. All things considered, it looks like Palworld's latest patch is a huge hit already.

Palworld makes the most familiar April Fools joke of them all with a cursed dating sim announcement: "Pals take off their clothes."

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