Palworld community manager hits back at DokeV being a "Palworld killer," says the open-world RPG "looks incredible" and games don't have to compete

(Image credit: Pearl Abyss)

Palworld's community manager has downplayed comparisons to the forthcoming open-world catch-'em-up DokeV, dismissing any perceived competition between the two games.

Everyone knows Palworld as the new hotness of 2024 - as of last month it was still averaging over 100,000 concurrent players a day - but not everyone will be so familiar with DokeV. An open-world creature collection from Black Desert MMO developer Pearl Abyss, the long-gestating game was once meant to release in 2022, but since its delay out of the year we've had virtually no word about it whatsoever. 

Now though, for some silly reason, Twitter users have sought to generate conflict between DokeV and Palworld. Below, Palworld's community manager Bucky responds to a tweet contrasting the two games, DokeV being dubbed a "Palworld killer." This absolutely isn't the case, Bucky rightly says, dismissing the idea that loosely similar games must be pitted against each other. 

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In fact, they add that DokeV "looks incredible" and they can't wait to see more from the game. Unfortunately, they're right in the assertion that the footage in the original tweet is "old" - but that's only because developer Pearl Abyss has shown nothing about it since it was delayed.

Curiously, DokeV is still technically slated to release this year at some point. Considering that claim was made by Pearl Abyss back in late 2022, and we've heard nothing more of a potential release window since, it might be best to regard this release window with a little skepticism. Just like this Palworld community manager, we'll keep on hoping for more DokeV news in the near future.

Read our original DokeV preview from Edge Magazine for why it's so much more than just a Pokemon competitor. 

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