The Dog's frolics

Monday 24 April 2006
Yuke's, the developer behind the SmackDown! series, has turned its attention away from testosterone and sweat to frolicking puppies and cute canines with its new PSP game, The Dog: Happy Life.

The handheld game, which is released in Japan this month, allows you to choose some pups, dress them up, breed them (!), then take photos of the humiliated canine which can be then posted on the internet to further the poor pup's shame.

From the grabs it also seems possible to embellish and touch-up the photos to make the dogs look as though they're dancing, late for breakfast and saying hello.

While it seems to be lacking in some of the subtlety of the DS hit Nintendogs we have to throw Yuke's a bone for managing to make its game even camper. Truly remarkable.

There's no news of a UK release yet but perhaps Yuke's could include it as a SmackDown! minigame. Just a thought.