Microsoft Flight Simulator teases anniversary events and delays next world update

Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator will get a series of special events to celebrate its one-year anniversary, though virtual aviators will need to wait a little longer to participate.

The official first anniversary date was August 18, but as Asobo Studio explained on Microsoft Flight Simulator's official Twitter account, the developers are a little too preoccupied with the next big update to properly celebrate right now. The special anniversary events are scheduled to run from September 6 to 10 instead, so mark your calendar now.

Asobo isn't giving any indication of what the anniversary events may bring so far, but there's even more to celebrate with the game's debut on Xbox Game Pass for consoles in July. Maybe we'll get lucky and have another look at that ace-looking Top Gun: Maverick DLC, before it's set to arrive sometime this fall?

As for the update keeping the developers too busy to celebrate their own game's birthday, Asobo announced today that it is pushing World Update 6 back to September 7. The update, which focuses on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, will add "new aerials and elevation maps, new photogrammetry cities, 4 hand-crafted airports, nearly 100 POIs and new discovery flights, landing challenges, and bush trips" according to the studio's new update highlights (opens in new tab).

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