The Dark Knight Rises poster debuts online

dark knight rises

The first poster for The Dark Knight Rises has swept online, and it’s every bit as classy, atmospheric and eye-catching as you’d expect.

Playing on the bat image in a way that recalls Dark Knight’ s burning building posters, this first one sheet for Rises has the iconic Batman symbol crafted out of crumbling skyscrapers.

It’s as thematically fitting as that title (if Rises is a direct sequel to Knight , so is its poster a direct play on that film's poster), and a dramatic thing of restrained beauty.

Alright, yes, it’s just a poster, but calling this "just a poster" is like calling Big Ben "just a bell".

The Rises one sheet is massively significant as the first bit of official propaganda (after that Bane image) released for Chris Nolan's threequel.

Excuse us for hyperbole, but it’s an absolute blinder.

Check out the full poster below…

The Dark Knight Rises opens 20 July 2012.

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