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The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer to direct first feature

The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer Wally Pfister, longtime cinematographer to Christopher Nolan is to step into the director’s chair for the first time on an as yet untitled debut feature.

The Oscar winning cinematographer has worked with Nolan since 1999, and their collaboration has included noteworthy films Memento , The Prestige , and Inception , which he won the Oscar for Best Achievement In Cinematography.

Having recently wrapped The Dark Knight Rises Pfister has been on the look out for his next project, and according to Collider the untitled screenplay by relative newcomer Jack Paglen was the right one.

The details are currently shrouded in mystery, much like this summer’s hotly anticipated final installment to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but if his directorial debut looks anything like his signature dark style, we’re in for a treat.