The Conjuring 4 in the works from Aquaman 2 writer

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
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The Conjuring 4 is officially in the works, and it's being written by Aquaman 2 writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

THR reports that another Conjuring sequel is being written by Johnson-McGoldrick, who also wrote The Conjuring 2 and The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. James Wan, who created The Conjuring universe and has been involved in every movie in the franchise, is returning to produce The Conjuring 4 alongside frequent collaborator Peter Safran. Wan and Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick previously worked together on The Conjuring 2 and Aquaman.

The Conjuring movies chronicle the real-life personal and professional lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who investigated purported paranormal happenings. The first movie sees the duo look into disturbing events happening at the Perron family's newly acquired Rhode Island farmhouse. The second movie takes the couple to London to assist the Hodgson family with a poltergeist. And most recently, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It interpreted the real-life Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a murder trial that took place in Connecticut in 1981.

It's unclear at the moment which case The Conjuring 4 will adapt for film, but it's said that Wilson and Farmiga are expected to reprise their starring roles. However, it's worth noting that their casting hasn't been set in stone just yet.

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