The Boys short film is filled with deleted scenes and reveals what Butcher did before season 2

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The Boys short film has been given a surprise release. Not only does it reveal what happens to Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher before the events of The Boys season 2, but there’s a bunch of deleted scenes for you to coo over until the week-long wait for the next episode.

Simply titled “Butcher,” the five-minute long Boys short film (emphasis on short, clearly) follows the diabolical Brit as he looks to escape capture from the law after The Boys season 1 ending left him face-to-face with Homelander and his missing wife, Becca.

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After fleeing a Tony Cicero’s – something briefly glimpsed in the second episode of the season – Butcher hotwires a car and finds himself on the doorstep of one of his old war buddies, Jock, complete with what might be a British accent. I’m not sure. He says ‘mate’ a lot so I’m willing to give him a pass.

Butcher’s brother-in-arms doesn’t exactly do him a solid though, calling the “plodders” (that’s the police to anyone outside of 1960s Britain) and fighting him. As you can imagine with Butcher, it all ends in tears. And with flames. Lots of flames.

Overall, it’s a nice interlude for The Boys fans wanting to watch everything related to the second season. You can see why it was cut, though: it distracts from The Boys’ main story and introduces a character we haven’t seen before only to dispose of him within minutes.

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