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The Boys’ next Big Bad wasn’t told about their head-exploding reveal until late in filming

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We finally have our answer to who was exploding heads in The Boys. The internet may have spent half their week sleuthing to try and discover the identity of the person responsible, though the actor in question told GamesRadar+ that they themselves didn’t have the twist revealed to them until long after filming had commenced for The Boys season 2.

Spoilers for The Boys season 2 finale follow...

“I had no idea that I was that character until I got the script for the second-last episode during production… I was completely shocked,” Claudia Doumit says of the unveiling of her character, congresswoman Victoria Neuman, as the head-exploding Supe.

That level of secrecy even extends to keeping Doumit in the dark during all of her previously-filmed scenes. Basically, if you’re looking for evidence there, you aren’t likely to find any – at least not on the actor’s part.

“I was just going into the unknown,” Doumit reveals. “I think it played pretty well because you’re not supposed to suspect her. You see her peppered throughout the season and she does her thing, but you don’t ever suspect her to be the one who’s popping heads. My lack of knowledge of that served very well for the character.

“I remember being very confused, though. I’d run into the writers on-set or Eric would pass by and he’d be so excited about this character: ‘Yeah, it’s so exciting. Big stuff’s gonna happen!’ and I’d get the script for the next episode and I was like, ‘Yeah, this is a cool rally. Yeah!’

"I loved her anyway," Doumit continues, "But it was just baffling to me how excited they all were for this character to come in especially with everything else that happens on this show.”

Then, the moment arrived: “I got the script for episode seven and I was like ‘Oh my god, she’s the one! This is exciting, this is amazing!’”

Thankfully for Doumit – and the show’s fans – the creative team behind The Boys were kept in the loop, with Neuman’s season 2 debut secretly tying her directly to the head explosions. Mind. Blown.

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