The Book of Boba Fett episode 4 ending could be teasing the return of a major Star Wars character

The Book of Boba Fett episode 4
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Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Book of Boba Fett episode 4! Turn back now if you're not caught up on Disney Plus!

The Book of Boba Fett episode 4 is setting the board for a big showdown – and a major Star Wars character could be returning to lend a helping hand.

Towards the end of the episode, Fett gathers those who used to work under Jabba the Hutt and proposes an alliance against the Pyke Syndicate. The former captains don't quite agree, but do say they will remain neutral if the Pykes ask them to betray Fett. After the meeting, the former bounty hunter remarks to Fennec Shand that he's going to need some muscle. Fennec replies that they can buy muscle – and then The Mandalorian's motif can be heard in the background.

"OH MY GOD THAT'S DIN DJARIN MUSIC!!!" wrote one fan on Twitter, while another was just as excited: "That Mandalorian theme music at the end of Chapter 4 thooo!!!" 

If Din Djarin does make an appearance in episode 5, it'll likely be without his former constant companion, Baby Yoda (AKA Grogu). That's because the little green guy is most likely still in Jedi training after The Mandalorian season 2 finale saw Luke Skywalker arrive to save the day.

Mando technically had a brief cameo in a flashback seen in this episode of The Book of Boba Fett, though. Fett watches bright lights arc across Tatooine's sky before finding the near-mortally wounded Fennec, and those lights are most likely the flares Din set off to dazzle the assassin back in season 1. Plus, part of The Mandalorian theme tune can be heard briefly in the background while Fett looks on.

The Book of Boba Fett drops a new episode to Disney Plus weekly, and you can find out exactly when the next installment arrives in your time zone with our The Book of Boba Fett release schedule.

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