The Boogeyman director already has a "really f***ing great idea" for a sequel

The Boogeyman
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The Boogeyman may have only been released in cinemas less than a week ago, but director Rob Savage has already teased a sequel. In a new interview with Discussing Film, the filmmaker behind the latest Stephen King adaptation, revealed that if the movie does well, a follow-up is definitely on the cards – and it promises to be "terrifying". 

Based on King's 1973 short story of the same name, The Boogeyman centers on high school student Sadie Harper (Yellowjackets' Sophie Thatcher) and her younger sister Sawyer (Obi-Wan Kenobi's Vivien Lyra Blair), who are struggling to reconnect with their therapist father (Chris Messina) following the sudden death of their mother.

One day, a troubled man (David Dastmalchian) comes knocking at their house, which doubles as the dad's office, and when Dr. Harper lets him in, he inadvertently unleashes a murderous entity into their home.

Savage said that not only do he and A Quiet Place writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods have a "really fucking great idea" for a second installment, it's "not what you would expect from a big studio movie sequel." He continued, when asked what future works he has lined up: "So if this film doesn't bomb, maybe that could be next! That's on the horizon as well."

Elsewhere, Savage touched on his upcoming projects with Sam Raimi, as well as collaborating with the Barbarian producers for a title that he claims "could be The Hills Have Eyes for the next generation."

He concluded: "There's also an adaptation of a short I did called Salt, which is another kind of demonic horror that I'm really excited about and I think could be one of the ones that comes next."

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