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Our favorite gaming mouse is 59% off ($34.99) at Amazon

The season of deals rages on, and Amazon has a pretty spectacular one happening right now on our pick for the best gaming mouse available. Right now, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a ridiculous $34.99 on Amazon, a full $50 or 59% off the MSRP of $84.99. That's a pretty insane price on one of the best all-around mice we've ever tested. 

One of the coolest features about the Spectrum is that it not only allows you to customize the overall weight with modular add-ons, it also lets you shift the weight distribution across the mouse. You can dramatically change how the mouse feels and responds in your hand, letting you shape the weight to your hand and customize it for different settings and surfaces. It's also a very accurate mouse at 12,000 CPI and has a full 11 customizable buttons - the perfect weapon for anything from precision sniping in Battlefield V to furiously slamming macros in Dota 2 or Starcraft. 

And if you pick one up and need something to play with it, take a look at our guide to the very best PC games you can play right now, from MOBAs to shooters to everything in-between.

Get the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum for $34.99 (59% off) at Amazon
CPI: 12,000 | 11 programmable buttons | 300 IPS
The absolute best gaming mouse available, this is an incredible holiday deal that likely won't last, so pounce on it while you can.View Deal

It may be impossible to please everyone all the time, but the Spectrum gets pretty damn close where gaming mice aficionados are concerned. It doesn't have the world's most precise sensor, but at 12,000 CPI it's close enough that you'll never know the difference. It's as comfy as any mouse I've ever held, and the way you can adjust it with the modular weights means even if you find the initial setup slightly off, you can tailor it to suit you. Its one Achilles heel is that it's only suitable for right-handed gamers (sorry lefties). 

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