The Batman director gives us a first look at The Batmobile – and it's wicked

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Matt Reeves)

We've got our first look at the Batmobile in The Batman and it's giving vintage American muscle vibes. 

Director Matt Reeves shared three new photos on his Twitter account, all of which are of the new Batwhip and Robert Pattinson's Batman standing alongside it. These are also the first official photos of the complete Batsuit, which we saw part of in Reeves' first look and others in on-set shots.

It's clear that this Bruce Wayne is a gear head, as his Batmobile would fit in nicely at a classic car show. The front is reminiscent of a late '60s Chevrolet Camaro or Dodge Charger, with a broad front bumper and wide-set headlights. The back end of the car is more reminiscent of a Corvette or modern Italian supercars, with bold, sweeping lines, contemporary tail lights, and a rear-mounted engine (not so great for getting rear-ended, I might add). It looks like the Batmobile is pushing a V10 engine, so expect this baby to roar down the streets of Gotham like Vin Diesel is behind the wheel.

Visually, the Batmobile seems on-theme with the Batsuit and Batcycle, all of which sport matte blacks and DIY elements. This version of Bruce Wayne is a tinkerer who loves low-profile vibes, and we have no choice but to stan. 

Every bit of The Batman news just gets me more excited for this film, which stars Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, and so much more. The Batman is set to burn-out and speed into theaters on June 25, 2021, and the anticipation is killing me.

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Alyssa Mercante

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