Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

3072: Stage One 

1: Right at the start, you can find this by destroying the dumpster to the right of the Hank and Hank Burgers sign.

2: Just after the previous Glorb, you will need to destroy another dumpster to make this Glorb fly out. Once destroyed it will fly out to the right a good distance.

3: Just after the dumpster, there will be a water tower on the other side of the gap between buildings. When you destroy the tower, the Glorb will fly out to the right and proceed to fall down the gap. You’ll need to jump and grab it before it does.

4: When you shoot through the large blue fan, continue through the passage and the Glorb will be in the centre.

5: Just after you exit the passage with the two large blue fans at each end, shoot the cop on the police car and run to the right to get the Glorb before it lands on the upper platform.

6: Just after you exit the passage with the two large blue fans at each end, hop across the police car and onto the ladder. Climb down to find the Glorb there.

7: Once you enter the building with the blue hatch above the ladder, you can grab the Glorb on the upper level to the right.

8: When you climb up to the second blue hatch, destroy it and a Glorb will be released.

9: When you face off against this boss, the Glorb is directly in front of you. Simply hop up to grab it.

10: Once the boss is defeated, you will receive this Glorb for your troubles.

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