Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

199X: Stage Three 

1: Near the start of the mission, there will be a fridge that you come across. Shoot it open and the Glorb will come flying out to the left.

2: You can see this Glorb out in the open, on the platform where you need to climb the small ladder to reach it.

3: Just after the previous Glorb, hop across to the next truck and shoot open the door on the back to grab it.

4: Once you get to the tanker truck, there will be a Glorb on the lower platform, under the flame-throwing enemy in the bunker.

5: When you blow up the bunker with the flame-thrower inside it, a Glorb will fly out to the left. Make a quick jump to grab it it.

6: Just after the bunker on the tanker truck, there will be a flying robot firing at you. Take it out and the Glorb will fly out to the left side.

7: Immediately after destroying the flying robot, drop down and destroy the back of the blue truck to reveal another Glorb.

8: Just past the flame-throwing bunker that you destroy, you will hop on top of a blue truck with a flying machine hovering above. Shoot the chain-gunner to the right and the Glorb will fly out to the left.

9: After you hop off the blue truck to another tanker, the Glorb will be on the upper platform just hanging out.

10: Once you defeat the motorcycle riding boss, the Glorb will come flying out to the left and land on the upper platform. Try to make sure you have enough time left so that you can rewind if you happen to miss it.

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