Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

199X: Stage Two 

1: Right at the start of the mission, you can find this Glorb in the air beside the windmill.

2: When you reach the first stack of barrels, blow them up and the Glorb will go flying out to the right side.

3: When you reach the blue and red barrels where the three robots drop down, destroy the larger centre robot and the Glorb will fly out to the right side.

4: When you pass the blue and red barrels, you will come to two chain-gunners, one up top and one below. Behind the one on the upper platform is a phone booth with the Glorb inside it.

5: As you enter the building on the right, you will go up a ramp and go through a stack of red barrels. After that there will be another stack which will shoot out a Glorb to the left when destroyed.

6: Once you climb up the second ladder and destroy the barrel at the top, hop over to the left and over the large stack of red barrels there to get the Glorb in the centre.

7: From the previous Glorb, simply climb up the ladder to find another waiting.

8: When you enter this room, the red barrel on top of the blue barrel to the right will have a Glorb in it. Destroy it and it will fly out to the left.

9: When you reach this room to face off against the flying robot, shoot the red barrel on the left and the Glorb will fly out to the right and land in the centre.

10: Once you defeat the flying robot, go to the right a couple steps and the Glorb will be there next to the explosive tanks.

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