Where to find every hidden Goombette in Super Mario Odyssey

Paging all single Goombas in the area, there’s a lovely lady Goomba - aka Goombette - looking for love in a Kingdom near you now. In fact, there are quite a few Goombettes just waiting for a stack of Goomba to appear across the world. 

Yes, that’s right, one of the collectibles in Super Mario Odyssey requires you to woo a lady Goomba. There isn’t one in every Kingdom, but there are five to find as you journey through the game. Each one will require you to get a stack of Goombas to her elevated location and for your efforts you’ll get a Moon. 

Here’s how to find all the Goombettes in Super Mario Odyssey:

Sand Kingdom Goombette

As soon as you’re done fighting the Broodal on top (or should that be bottom?) of the inverted pyramid, head on back down to the ruins with the quicksand and start stacking up the Goombas wearing sombreros in the opening area just beyond the columned entrance. Once you have four, carefully stroll your way up and to the right, down the narrow walkway while avoiding the Bullet Bills homing in on your location, and jump on the moving platform that gets you over the quicksand to the other side. 

Jump off and up to the next area (avoiding more Bullet Bills), then walk to the raised bit of stone and sand on your left. The Goombette will be waiting just above this, all ready to explode with hearts and bequeath you a Moon. 

But wait, there’s actually a second Lady Goomba in the Sand Kingdom, so head back to that same part where the Goombas are lurking and get yourself in a stack. After that, head off the ruin platforms to your right and follow the building around. Turn left at the end and head straight for the horizon. When you get there, turn left again and follow the edge along until you find your love.

Lake Kingdom Goombette

If you go around behind your ship you’ll find there’s a lurking Goombette there, not even hiding away on a platform. Instead, you’ve got to work out how to get a Goomba to her across all that water. 

You’ll have to beat the Broodal in order to do this one, because when you do a staircase opens up up the wall to your left. Head up there and you’ll find a load of Goombas that you’ll need to stack. There are 10 in total and you’ll need all of them in order to pull this off successfully.

Once you’ve towered up, head back down the stairs and then lead to the platform where one of those creepy mermaid ladies are standing. If you’re lucky, one Goomba will be left standing on the platform as the rest dissolve in the water. Grab it and head over to Goombette.

Wooded Kingdom Goombette

After you’ve fought the Broodal at the top of the Sky Garden Tower, you’ll get put back at the entrance to the Wooded Kingdom. Head back through the forest and into the area where all the poisonous purple goo was before. There are tanks here now, so capture one and turn to the left where there’s a bank of blastable soil inside the metal wall. 

Go through here, jump out of the tank and pulling the lever on the little kettle robot that’s lurking inside. Grab the seed he pops out and plant it in the pot to his right. You’ll then be able to climb the newly sprouting vine and access a hidden area that just happens to be full of Goombas. 

Capture one of them and form a tower with all nine Goombas in the area. Then just totter over to where her ladyship is waiting on a platform.  

Seaside Kingdom Goombette

If you run along the beach to the left of the where you park the Odyssey in the Seaside Kingdom, you’ll come across a load of Goombas strutting their stuff in pirate hats. Capture all five Goombas waiting on the beach and then carefully maneuver your little tower up the hill between the cliffs behind you. 

Avoid all the spiky shells that come rolling towards you and you’ll find Goombette waiting for romance on a platform on the left. 

Luncheon Kingdom Goombette

You can see Goombette as soon as you get off your ship in Luncheon Kingdom, sitting waiting almost patiently on a platform across the boiling hot pink lava. Head to your right and capture one of the Goomba before getting yourself into a tower of four. 

Now comes the tricky part. You’ll need to get your Goomba column past the exploding tomatoes and across to Goombette by rolling on a corn on the cob. Once you’ve managed that, romance is just a Goomba smooch away.

Mushroom Kingdom Goombette

The Goombette in the Mushroom Kingdom is probably the fussiest. Not only do you have to stack up a whopping XX Goombas in order to get to her, you’ve also got to go through a number of other steps first. 

Follow the edge of the Kingdom around until you come to Goomba Wood, which Toad will tell you is very scary. It’s not. Lady Goomba is sitting on a platform across the castle’s moat, but you can’t just waddle on over there as your Goomba tower. 

Instead, you first have to drain the moat by removing the four wooden pillars with Cappy. 

After that you can go back to Goomba Wood, get yourself in a massive 10 high Goomba tower and get to your beloved. 

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