How to get Power Moons fast in Super Mario Odyssey

Moons. By the end of your fifth hour of Super Mario Odyssey you might be shaking your fist at the giant white astronomical body in the sky, as usually you have to complete a devious puzzle to get your mitts on one of Odyssey’s in-game ones. But we have a couple of tips to help you get Moons faster than usual - all you have to have is a hefty amount of golden coins in your pocket. 

Up until you defeat the final story mission boss on the final planet, every kingdom has one moon ready for you to buy. Simply run your way to the nearest shop to purchase one moon for 100 gold coins, which will slightly help you on your journey to collect all the Moons in the game (FYI, there’s a lot of them). 

Important bit of advice here: don’t spend your golden coins as soon as you get them. While it’s useful to spend 100 coins here and there to get a moon, you’ll want to hold onto as many coins as possible so you can take advantage of the fact that you can buy even more Moons once the final boss is defeated. You can continue to buy one at a time, but if you like there’s the option to shell out for 10 at a time at a cost of 1,000 coins. If you have that kind of money, I imagine even Scrooge McDuck would look at you enviously. 

But why continue buying Moons after you’ve completed the story? Simple. After you’ve collected 250 Moons, you can access the first secret world. Yes, the first. To find the second you’ll need 500 Moons (and a lot more patience). But don’t worry, because once you’re able to smash the space rocks in each Kingdom (a mechanic which unlocks only after you’ve completed the story), another 20 or so Moons spill out into the world. Happily these Moons are marked on your map and are much easier to find than the original Moons, so be sure to smash those rocks if you want AMMAP (as many Moons as possible).

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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