Where to find the Musical Toads in Super Mario Odyssey


Consider this a warning: the tunes of Super Mario Odyssey are so catchy, so peppy, so darn joyful to listen to that there’s a real risk one will get stuck in your head. While that is a much-feared risk for us humans (we’ve all been there with ear worms), the Musical Toads hidden throughout Super Mario Odyssey just can’t get enough of it. You’ll find him listening to the theme tunes for each kingdom throughout your travels, jiving away with his humongous headphones on top of his equally humongous head. To get a Power Moon from him you’ll need to fulfil his request for a specific bit of music that you can unlock in the game. Here’s exactly where to find him, and which soundtrack you’ll need to get him to hand over those sweet, sweet Power Moons. 

Sand Kingdom

Sprint your way across the piping hot sands towards the town and, using the flower on the very left-hand side (it’s just behind the three plant pots on the left of the fountain), jump up onto the roofs until you’re near the power line and the skull man who’s leaping around to the sound of a radio. Capture the power line, then go left, then straight forward twice until you can jump off onto the roof with two cactuses on top of it. Simply head to the left, and the Musical Toad will be on the yellow roof boogying on down. He’ll ask for a bit of music that conjures up memories of a boss fight, so there’s plenty for you to choose from. Play him any of those tense tune to get a Power Moon. 

Wooded Kingdom

First, warp to the Summit Path on the right of the map. The - this is going to sound suicidal, but just go for it - jump off the side of the platform where the maraca-shaking skeleton man is. Fall directly downwards, and once you land on your right there you’ll find the music toad just over a stream. Chat to him and he’ll ask for a bit of music that makes him think of “sky-high coins a-plenty”. A rather odd request, but if you dive into your music library and find the soundtrack titled “Above the Clouds”, you’re set. Play it for him and get that Power Moon!

Metro Kingdom

Get yourself to the Crazy Cap store first, then head towards the park that’s to the right of it. Run past the skipping rope duo and just behind them there’s - yes, you guessed it - the Musical Toad. Have a natter with him and he’ll want something that makes him think of “revving a tiny engine”. Getting this soundtrack is a bit trickier - to do it, first you have to complete the RV car circuit that’s just opposite the Crazy Cap store. Then you’ll be allowed entry into the higher level area, which is through a door that’s on the left of the outside RV car area. Once inside, you’ll have unlocked the correct theme tune. All you need to do next is go back to the Musical Toad and let him hear it! 

Luncheon Kingdom

Start at the Odyssey, and run past the humanoid fork and his sign. Jump over the molten pink lava, head to the right of the Koopa Troopa until you get to the giant, floating bit of corn on the cob (apologies for making you hungry). Possess one of the flame globules that love to jump in and out of aforementioned pink lava, and swim to the left until you can see the blue and green blocks on your right. Go down the small corridor they’re in, and jump on top of the one on the left. At this point you’ll be back to being Mario, but don’t worry. Jump up and you’ll discover the invisible blocks that allow you to get up to the platform above. Use these to leap up onto the platform above, where you’ll see the happy little Musical Toad to your left. His required theme is “I’ve become a monster!”. Play him the tune you hear when you’ve possessed the dinosaur in Fossil Falls and you’ll have another Power Moon in your pocket in no time. 

Mushroom Kingdom

This Musical Toad is nice and easy to find: simply get out of the Odyssey and turn left, and you’ll see our headphoned friend humming away near the fountain. To get your mitts on his Power Moon, play him a bit of music that sounds like a “flat-n-blocky classic”. Anything 8-bit will do the trick here, so just play him what you’ve got and grab that moon!

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