Where to find all the hidden portrait warp holes in Super Mario Odyssey

On your quest to find Every. Single. Moon. in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll regularly find that there’s a platform that’s just totally out of reach or a moon that you just can't get to. Well, there’s a way to get there, but you’ll have to access it from another Kingdom. That’s because there are actually secret, hidden portraits - or warp holes - in each Kingdom that’ll take you to those otherwise out of reach locations. 

But don’t fret, we’ve scoured the globe to find the locations of all 10 of these hidden portraits, which Kingdom they’re in and where they take you. Just remember that most of the time you’ll need to beat the Kingdom boss before they’ll activate. 

Cascade Kingdom Warp Hole

Start at the beginning of the level, by the Odyssey. Run your way up to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and jump into that fresh, clear water. Swim your way to the right until you find a little cave underneath the waterfall, where there will also be three purple coins. Swim up, and beyond the coins there is - miraculously - a portrait! Climb into it and you’ll be propelled to the Island in the Sky in Bowser’s Kingdom, where you can nab a moon as you stare out across Bowser’s lair. 

Sand Kingdom Warp Hole

Warp to Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar, but then turn around  and run across the mound with the swirling coins. Drop off the edge into the desert and from here, run to the tall tower nearby. At the bottom of the tower, on the opposite side to the Jaxi stop is the portrait. 

It takes you to Metro Kingdom, where you’ll be able to find your hidden Moon.

Lake Kingdom Warp Hole

Warp to the Courtyard flag or just head up the stairs on the wall to your left when you get out of your ship, and jump into the pool right by the flag. The portrait is just sitting in the bottom of the pool and will take you to Sand Kingdom for really, really nice view.

Wooded Kingdom Warp Hole

Once you arrive, fast travel to ‘Iron mountain path station 8’. When you arrive drop down to the platform below. go left and down the gap in the fence with the pole sticking out.. Run along the crumbling blocks and throw cappy at this wooden statue to activate the timed challenge. Complete the challenge, pick up the Moon and then walk around the girder to towards the larger platform. Check behind the rock to find the portrait. 

Metro Kingdom Warp Hole

When you arrive immediately run behind your ship and jump down to the platform below. The portrait is on the wall.  

Snow Kingdom Warp Hole

When you get off your ship in the Snow Kingdom - post story content that is - capture the big wind cloud thing that’s just down the path a ways. From there head off to the left and follow the map around. You’ll soon see a big stone block with a chuck cut out of it sitting in the cliff face. Go up to it and blow it along the icy expanse until it hits the high platform on the other side. Leap onto the block from out of the cloud and on the snowy platform beyond is your portrait. This one takes you to Cascade Kingdom where there’s a Moon and a great view of the triceratops skeleton.

Seaside Kingdom Warp Hole

The portrait in Seaside Kingdom is another one that you won’t be able to find until you’ve beaten the boss. So once you’ve done that, it’s just a case of jumping in one of the four jets that propel you into the main fountain. You’ll land on a platform in the centre but if you dive into the surrounding water inside the fountain itself, the portrait is right at the bottom. Jump in and you’ll teleport to the Lake Kingdom, where a Moon is waiting to be grabbed inside a chest.

Luncheon Kingdom Warp Hole

The portrait is pretty well hidden in Luncheon Kingdom, so you’ll have to do a little bit of traversal in order to get there. First warp to the flag called Path to the Meat Plateau - sounds tasty… From there, grab a Lava Bubble, and head out through the platforms in front of you before turning to the right. You want to aim for the top right hand corner of the map where there’s an island shaped like a mushroom… or a skull depending on your preferences. 

Once you hit dry land, head around either side of the platform where all the peppers are rolling from and there’s a portrait almost directly behind it on a lower platform. And don’t get too excited, but this portrait takes you straight to Mushroom Kingdom, where a Moon is waiting. 

Bowser’s Kingdom Warp Hole

Once you’ve beaten all the Broodals in Bowser’s Kingdom, make sure to warp back to the Main Courtyard Entrance. From here, jump over the railings to your left and work your way around the building that’s down there. The portrait is on the wall on the opposite side to the warp point and takes you to the Seaside Kingdom. There’s a chest there with a Moon inside, just for you. 

Mushroom Kingdom Warp Hole

As soon as you land and exit the Odyssey make sure mario is facing away from it and look to the right. Head over to the small mount surrounded by some trees and you’ll find the portrait at the top lying on the floor.  

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