Where to find all 14 Captain Toads in Super Mario Odyssey

When you go on holiday you often want to see all the sights. Visit ancient landmarks, stunning natural wonders, sample the local cuisine. Right? Not in Captain Toad’s case. Instead you have to go find where he’s hiding in most of the kingdoms (that’s right: he’s in some, but not others) of Super Mario Odyssey. Because what better way is there to experience a country that’s immersed in beautiful iridescent water than situating yourself in a hole in the ground? 

***Contains slight end-game spoilers for Super Mario Odyssey***

Captain Toad in Cap Kingdom

Come back to Cap Kingdom after you’ve got your ship in Cascade Kingdom and you’ll find there’s a million things to do here now. But, more importantly, there’s also Captain Toad. Go all the way up to the top of Top-Hat Tower and Toad is there. You can either warp to the Top-Hat Tower flag, or make your way through that frog section to get there. 

Captain Toad in Cascade Kingdom 

Captain Toad has decided to see the fossil-filled landscape of Cascade Kingdom from quite a height, so to find him you’ll need to first defeat the boss. As soon as the giant bunny is dead, revisit that same area. Head over to the left-hand side of the arena, where you’ll see a giant metal block. Drop down to the platform it’s on and ignore the block...for now. Carefully walk over to the left hand side of the outcropping and allow yourself to drop down to another platform situated below. There you’ll find Captain Toad, happily staring out at the T-Rex and Chain Chomps jumping around below. 

Captain Toad in Sand Kingdom

In an opposite to Cascade Kingdom, this time Captain Toad decided the best way to experience the Sand Kingdom’s heat and ancient ruins is to secrete himself underground. Don’t ask me why. To find him, start off at the town and head right until you reach the Oasis where Lakitu is fishing. Throw your cap at him to possess him, then float him over to the right, to the sandy area by the cactuses. Cast out your fishing rod and wait for the biggest fish silhouette to grab on. When it feels like the fish is pulling strongest (the vibration will feel very strong), reel it in and - surprise surprise - you’ll be faced with a slightly sandy Captain Toad! 

Captain Toad in Lake Kingdom

This time Captain Toad has decided what he really needs is a good swim far away from any of the Lake Kingdom’s stunning natural landscape, so you’ll have to go diving to find him. You’ll want to possess a Cheep Cheep to do this, by the way, as you won’t be able to hold your breath for long enough as Mario. First, head to the Water Plaza and flop towards the circular pool which has a mermaid lying on its side. Dive in, and keep going down...and down...and down, until you get to the bottom. Captain Toad is there in his own little glass pod, happily enjoying being underground and underwater, with nothing interesting to see besides some glittery stone. 

Captain Toad in Wooded Kingdom  

When you’ve defeated both bosses in the story for the Wooded Kingdom, warp back up to the Secret Flower Field Entrance and then do a full 180-degree turn. Run down to the P button near the kettle robot at the opposite end of the field, and then climb up the timed platforms that appear to reach the Observation Deck. 

Capture the flying lizard and position him at the end of the jetty. From here you’ll see the platform that Captain Toad is on. And from there it’s just case of flying on over.  

Captain Toad in Lost Kingdom

If you have a fear of bugs, the Lost Kingdom might not be your ideal holiday destination. Captain Toad, however, isn’t averse to the critters. Once you’ve got Cappy back, head down past the rotating pillars and possess one of the extendable caterpillars. Navigate the stumps suspended in the poison (where you might have already collected the mini Moons), and work your way towards the one at the very back on the right, behind the tree. Extend your way around behind it to see a small square cut-out in the green wall. Crawl in and voila! Captain Toad is inside, along with a veritable stash of gold coins. 

Captain Toad in Metro Kingdom

Head over to the area behind the Town Hall where Pauline got you to gather all the musicians or warp to the New Donk City Hall Plaza and then run round behind the building to the left. There’s a load of boxes piled up that you can smash that’ll allow you to access the area behind it. There’s a long walkway of metal blocks leading into the air and at the every end of them is Captain Toad just waiting to be found. 

Captain Toad in Snow Kingdom

Once you’ve beaten the Kingdom boss the upper section of this Kingdom will be released from the snow storm’s grip and open up properly. Captain Toad is fairly easy to find here, as he’s gotten himself trapped behind a wall of snow. 

Head to the very edge of the map and then run along it until you see a small snow wall recessed in. Throw Cappy into it and there’s Toad, freezing his fungi off. 

Captain Toad in Seaside Kingdom

It appears that being underwater in the Lake Kingdom has put Captain Toad off of taking a dip, as in the Seaside Kingdom he’s far away from the luscious ocean. First, start where the Odyssey is parked. Possess one of the octopuses suspended in a water globule, and propel yourself upwards across the three platforms behind the Odyssey. Stop at the one with the small pool of water to recharge your own bubble of H2O, then fly directly upwards. Go left, across one grassy outcropping, up again, and follow the cliff around to the left. Keep going, and you’ll find Toad on his own little platform with his tent and fire (it’s just above where you collected the Power Moon after avoiding the rolling rocks). 

Captain Toad in Luncheon Kingdom

Captain Toad is hiding in the middle of one of the pink lava lakes in the Luncheon Kingdom, but you’ll have to do a bit of jiggery pokery in order to actually get to him. En route to reaching the peak in the story, you’ll hit a section called “Cookatiel Showdown” and you’ll have to navigate a series of platforms to start climbing again. Captain Toad is on one of these in the distance, but you’ll need a little fire friend to get to him. 

Just follow the path up the side of the mountain and you’ll eventually get to a spot about halfway up where there is a pair just sitting there for the taking. Capture one and then head back down to the lava again and blast your way over to Captain Toad.

Outside of the story, just warp to the Start of the Peak Climb flag and go get the fireball from here.  

Captain Toad in Bowser’s Kingdom 

When you’re running around in the Outer Wall section of Bowser’s Kingdom, run past the block smashing guy and run along the green wall to the right-hand side of the map. Go over the rooftop, collect the coins and heart from the yellow blocks but then carry on around the hidden corner. 

There’s another smaller section of roof tiles here and Captain Toad has managed to hide himself away here. Just don’t forget he’s scared of the birds, so you’ll have to return to your true Mario form in order to collect your Moon.

Captain Toad in Moon Kingdom 

As a nice change of pace, this time Captain Toad is deceptively easy to find and appears to be considering answering the call of the void. Simply warp to the Odyssey once you’ve completed the main story, turn around, and head towards the group of characters milling around at the edge of the cliff. Head to the other side of the small wall to their left, and behind it you’ll find Captain Toad. He’s particularly eager to assure you that he hasn’t been slacking off, so he gives you a power moon. Good for him. 

Captain Toad in Mushroom Kingdom 

On your travels around the Goomba forest you’ll set eyes on a tent and fire - but Captain Toad is nowhere to be seen. Dang it. To find him, first you’re going to need to possess (err, we mean capture) Yoshi from the top of Peach’s castle. So, go to find the scarecrow standing just behind Peach’s castle. Throw Cappy at him, then climb the stairs that will appear and circle around the other side of the tower to see a bouncing green and white egg. Hit it to break it, then once you have Cappy back (he should return to you automatically), possess Yoshi and make your way back to the Odyssey. 

Go to the shop, and run behind it to find the large toadstool. Jump on it as Yoshi, and when your jump is at its peak activate Yoshi’s air-walking ability and float over to the roof of the shop, where Captain Toad is waiting. 

Captain Toad on the Dark Side of the Moon

You wouldn’t expect Captain Toad to rock up on the Dark Side of the Moon, but no, he’s already here. Way before you are. In order to reach him, you’ll have to defeat the four Broodal bosses and wind your way up the side of the big space rock carrot. 

Before you head inside the door to the fifth level - yes there’s more - go and find Captain Toad who’s hiding in a hidden section just to the right of the door. 

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