How to get gold coins fast in Super Mario Odyssey

By now you’ll have realised that coins are kind of essential in Super Mario Odyssey. You can use them to buy extra hearts, moons, as well as enough outfits to make Mario consider buying a walk-in wardrobe. But running through worlds can be a tad tiring, so here’s how to get coins fast. 

There are three places you can go, so let’s start with Cap Kingdom. Warp to the Central Plaza, then head towards the green binoculars to your left. Run behind them and you’ll see a ledge on the other side. Drop down to here, throw your hat at the Cap Door, and enter. Next you’ll need to hunt down one of the frogs hopping around everywhere. Possess (er, we mean capture) one of the amphibious jumpers and swim on over to the wall on the right-hand side to the place you entered. If you look closely you’ll see there’s a small indentation in it. Swim up to it, then start jumping! There’s a hidden section behind the wall which will get you a whopping 72 coins if you get them all. Even better news: all you have to do to get the coins to respawn is to leave the room, then enter again. Harvest away! 

If smashing things to bits is more your thing, head over to Cascade Kingdom. Warp to the Top of the Big Stump, run to the left of the stump, and drop down to the small platform on the side of the mountain. If you haven’t opened it already, chuck your hat at the red and gold door and enter. Capture the T-Rex you’ll find inside the chamber and simply START STOMPING. That’s right: plant your giant reptilian feet on all the multicoloured hedgehogs that pop up out of the ground. If you stand on all of them not only will you get a moon (if you haven’t done this before), but also about 108 coins. Leave the room and re-enter, and all the hedgehogs will have respawned while the T-Rex is still napping on his mound. Feel free to continue stomping to reap more coins! 

Or you can go to the Lost Kingdom. Once you’re in the jungle, warp to the Rocky Mountain Summit. Collect the six coins twirling around the flag, then run around the plants surrounding the palm tree to collect eight more. Climb to the top of aforementioned palm tree, and recollect the greyed-out Power Moon there (or grab it if you haven’t already), which will get you another five. No, we’re not done yet. Then fall down the side to the left of the shop, and go down another level. Recollect the greyed-out moon here for another five coins, smash the Mario on the wall for 10 more, then climb up to the platform with the giant button, collecting the three coins there on the way. Doing a ground pound on the button will give you a timer challenge to collect all 25 coins on the path up towards the shop, requiring a ton of wall jumping. All in all that’s 62 coins! 

And bingo, you now have enough coins to buy every outfit your heart desires. Or enough moons to complete the game in the most expensive way possible. Enjoy! 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

While here at GamesRadar, Zoe was a features writer and video presenter for us. She's since flown the coop and gone on to work at Eurogamer where she's a video producer, and also runs her own Twitch and YouTube channels. She specialises in huge open-world games, true crime, and lore deep-dives.