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Super Mario Lego series 3 character pack adds scared Boo, Bullet Bill, and more

Super Mario Lego series 3
(Image credit: Lego / Nintendo)

The Super Mario Lego collection has just got a little bit bigger, as the toy company introduces 10 new characters in series 3 of the character packs.

The new pack includes ten iconic Mario characters, including a scared version of a Boo, Bullet Bill, Parabomb, and even a 1UP mushroom for good measure. This is the third version of the blind bags character packs and will join other additional characters such as Shyguy, Thwomp, and various Goombas. 

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For those not fully versed in the world of Super Mario Lego, the collection is made up of a starter set including Mario and Bowser Jr which fans will need to start with, expansion sets - which introduce other elements of Mario’s world including Bowser’s Castle, Yoshi’s House, etc. and blind bags, which feature a one-off random character  that can be used with the larger sets. 

Lego also recently announced that Luigi will be joining the party on August 1, 2021, giving him his own starter set and interactive figure. However, this was actually rumoured to be the case a few days before the announcement after a retailer in China leaked the release date of the new set. One Super Mario fan’s Mario figure also began calling out for his green brother following a firmware update to the Lego figure which made Luigi’s inclusion a little less surprising. 

This Nintendo themed kit has paved the way for gaming fans to take it upon themselves to design their own themed Lego sets (including this Metroid Lego set, and this Prince of Persia Lego set) and submit them to the Lego Ideas platform: a website where anyone can submit an idea to Lego, which if it gets enough votes, will be put towards a panel and actually considered to be made into a real set. 

Find out the best place to get your hands on Mario and the gang with our Lego Super Mario sets guide. 

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