This Lego Metroid set could become a reality

Metroid Samus
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A Lego Metroid set has been uploaded to Lego Ideas and, if enough people vote for it, could become a reality. 

This Metroid inspired build features Samus, her gunship, and a fully constructible and poseable Ridley. It also includes two moveable stud shooters, a secret door that Samus can drop out of as a Morph Ball, and so much more.

The fan-made set was originally shared on the Lego Ideas platform, which allows fans to design their own Lego creations and share them with fellow yellow brick enthusiasts. Users of the site can also vote for their favorite concepts which, if they receive more than 10,000 votes, will be put to a panel at Lego who decide if the set should become a real thing.

Several popular Nintendo IPs have been proposed on the ideas platform since the official Super Mario Lego was launched in August 2020. This includes an “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise”, Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby’s Dreamland Kingdom which gives the famously round pink blob a blockier build. 

Even fans of Untitled Goose Game had previously attempted to get a themed set developed, however, despite getting the attention it needed to succeed, Lego decided to pass on the idea

When asked in the FAQ’s section of the product idea page if this project was a response to the Super Mario Lego, the ‘Metroid: Samus Aran's Gunship’ creator known as L-DI-EGO responded: “It was never intended to be an Ideas project, actually. I have no idea if the Super Mario licensed theme may have a positive or negative impact in the evaluation, performance or outcome of this project.”

Here's hoping it gets the votes needed to come to fruition. 

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