Succession renewed for a fourth season at HBO

(Image credit: HBO)

Succession season 4 is a go, HBO has confirmed.

The third season of the Emmy award-winning satirical drama premiered on October 17, and HBO are just as interested as the show's many viewers in seeing the Roy family's saga continue for another season. 

"With each season of Succession, Jesse Armstrong has continued to surpass our wildest expectations, pulling us deeper into the Roy family's inner sanctum with indelible wit, humanity and precision," said HBO executive Francesca Orsi in a statement (via THR). "This season is undoubtedly no exception, and we couldn’t be more excited for all that’s in store in this next season ahead."

Succession writer and executive producer Georgia Pritchett revealed back in June that the series almost certainly won't have more than five seasons, even suggesting that the newly confirmed season 4 could very well be the Roy family's big finale. "We’re at the end of filming season three, so at this point [showrunner Jesse Armstrong] is saying only one more," Pritchett told The Times in June "But that happens every time. We’ve got a good end in sight."

The series follows the Roy family as they maneuver for power within a giant media company they collectively own, with the family patriarch and company founder in declining health. There's no telling where Succession will take the Roys in season 4, especially as we've only seen a few episodes of season 3 so far. 

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