Street Fighter X Tekken roster: Meet all 55 characters

Elena (Street Fighter)

Famous as one of the most gorgeously animate sprites in fighting game history, Elena was another memorable Street Fighter III addition. Born an African princess, she's in expert in the style of capoeira native to her homeland. A lighthearted teen, Elena is out to see the world and fights for the fun of it.

Guy (Street Fighter)

Guy is one of the earliest heroes from Capcom's pantheon, and he got his start as a teenage ninja helping clean up the streets of Metro City in Final Fight. Guy continues his training in the Alpha games, eventually becoming a ninja master. When not fighting with friendly rival Cody, Guy is usually out righting wrongs, which often brings him into contact with SF bosses like Bison.

JACK-X (Tekken)

Jack doesn't refer to one man, but rather a series of cyborgs created by the Russian government. Jack-X seems to be one of the newest models in the series, the buff robot sometimes works for the Mishimas, other times he competes to learn something about himself. We're just not sure what type of Jack we're going to get in SFXT.

Lars (Tekken)

As former heroes of Tekken like Jin and Kazuya gave in to their darker impulses, Lars rose through the ranks to fight for good. Ostensibly the lead hero in Tekken 6, he teamed with Alisa to try and take down Jin's Mishima Zaibatsu before it destroyed the world. Until entering the tournament, Lars alone held the secret that he was Heihachi's illegitimate son. Bonus fact: Lars appeared as a guest character in one of Namco's Naruto games.

Lei (Tekken)

A Super Cop that's clearly inspired by Jackie Chan and his films, Lei is a kung fu expert/police officer whose work often brings him into contact with the shady types that enter the King of the Iron Fist Tournaments. Sometimes searching for the links between his partner's death and the Mishima, other times chasing down Bryan Fury or Bruce Irvin, Lei tries his best to keep things light. If you need any more proof he's based on Jackie Chan, Lei's also an expert in Drunken Boxing.

Sakura (Street Fighter)

Thanks in part to her fun personality and style, Sakura is one of the most popular Street Fighters in the series. She got her start in high school, learning martial arts quickly after being inspired by Ryu. Soon she was entering tournaments in the hops of meeting and training with him, though things never worked out that simply. Slowly her admiring of Ryu turned into a stronger emotions, though Ryu may not feel the same way for her.

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