Street Fighter X Tekken roster: Meet all 55 characters

King (Tekken)

A pro wrestler in the lucha libre tradition of Mexico, the original King entered the first two Tekken tournaments to win money to build an orphanage. After achieving that goal, King met a tragic end, murdered by Tekken 3 boss Ogre. Soon a new wrestler (and former member of his orphanage) picked up the jaguar mask and trained to avenge him. Eventually King II became the equal of his inspiration as a fighter and performer. At one point he was in a deadly rivalry with Marduk, but eventually they buried the hatchet and became tag team partners. Isn't it nice when that happens?

Kuma (Tekken)

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Law (Tekken)

Part of a long tradition of Bruce Lee clones in fighting games, Marshal Law looks, dresses and fights just like the late real life martial artist. Often entering the Tekken tournaments to pay off a debt of some kind, Law is a respectable fighter pulled down by the bad luck more than his own choices. A friendly rival of Paul's, Law was replaced in Tekken 3 by his son, but has appeared in all the main games since, even though he's pushing 50.

Kuro and Toro (Sony Exclusive)

Virtually unknown in the US, adorable white cat Toro is Sonys mascot in Japan, appearing alongside his black cat neighbor Kuro on numerous Sony products, and have appeared in games dating back to the original PlayStation. Obviously exclusive to the Sony version, the delightful mascots play like the SFXT leads, with Toro copying Ryu and Kuro duplicating the moves of Kazuya.

Lili (Tekken)

Introduced in Tekken 5, Lilis fighting ability seems out of placed with her rich upbringing. A natural fighter, she fell into the world of street fighting in secret, travelling the world on her familys private fortune. After losing to Asuka at the end of Tekken 5, the Mishima Zaibatsu bought her fathers oil field, causing her father tons of stress. Lili joined the Tekken 6 tournament to get revenge, on both Jin and Asuka.

M Bison (Street Fighter)

Arguably the most dangerous bad guy in Street Fighter, M. Bison and his terrorist organization Shadaloo had been slowly poisoning the world when he decide to invite the world's best fighter to face him in a tournament. Not a great idea really, as said tournament was ultimately the cause for the destruction of his empire. You wouldn't think that would happen, as Bison is insanely powerful due to his Psycho Power, which he expresses with electricity and flying headfirst at people. Despite dying in SFII, he returned in SFIV, inhabiting a new and more powerful body, proving you can't keep a good man down.

Marduk (Tekken)

An angry soul that hails from Australia and is trained in Vale Tudo, Craig Marduk has quite a lot of blood on his hands from killing opponents in fights, and that includes King II's mentor Armor King. After losing to King in Tekken 4, Marduk trained harder than ever for a rematch, and said rematch ended in a draw that saw the two become unlikely friends. When not training, Marduk is fending off another revenge-seeker, Armor King II, brother to the original.

Mega Man (Sony Exclusive)

This isnt your fathers Mega Man oh wait, this is exactly your fathers Mega Man. In celebration of MMs 25th anniversary, SFXT recreates the classic, so-bad-its-good Mega Man from the US box art for the first game on NES. Out of shape and a bit silly, ultimately he still seems like a pretty cool guy holding a laser gun. This might not be the Mega Man fans want right now, but hes a fun tribute nonetheless. Hes also one of the Sony exclusive characters.

Nina (Tekken)

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Ogre (Tekken)

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