Street Fighter X Tekken roster: Meet all 55 characters

Pac-Man (Sony Exclusive)

One of the characters most synonymous with video games, Pac-Man joins in on the fighting fun with his Namco friends, but with a twist. Mokujin, the wooden fighting dummy come to life in the Tekken games, serves Pac-Man as his fighting vessel. Mokujins body grants the diminutive yellow sphere a fun, competitive edge and is a worthy member of the Sony-exclusive section of the roster.

Paul (Tekken)

Paul got his start in Tekken as the Ken to Kazuyas Ryu, but things didnt stay that way for Paul, as more and more he became a joke character. Sometimes hes begging his old friend Law for money, sometimes he beats the first form of the final boss and leaves before the second appears, and other times hes fighting a bear. A motorcyclist with an impressive head of hair, Paul Phoenix might be silly, but he at least is determined (or too dumb to know when hes beat).

Poison (Street Fighter)

Poison has been a favorite of many fans despite rarely being playable in most Street Fighter games. She just must have a certain something that makes all the players want her. Originally from the Final Fight beat em up series, Poison transitioned into her new role as a manager for man mountain Hugo in the Alpha games. A favorite of the internet due to a trivial debate, Poison is one our favorite ladies in gaming and were happy to see her transition into a more active in-game role.

Raven (Tekken)

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Rolento (Street Fighter)

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Rufus (Street Fighter)

This portly biker considers himself the best fighter in the United States and is out to take that title officially by beating the man he considers his rival, Ken Masters. Faster than he appears, the Street Fighter IV original loves kung fu but seems more into it for the violence than learning anything. But many fighters were ultimately impressed with his skill, as it turns out his silly looks hide the soul of a skilled fighter.

Ryu (Street Fighter)

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Sagat (Street Fighter)

A Muay Thai chanp infamous for his deadly power, Sagat was one of the more fearsome battlers of SFII. He lost his eye in a fight with Dan Hibikis father and gained his scar thanks to an uppercut of Ryus, which has given him a burning passion for revenge ever since. When not committed to his rivalry with Ryu, hes often fending off the humorously inept attacks of Dan.

Steve (Tekken)

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Vega (Street Fighter)

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