Street Fighter X Tekken roster: Meet all 55 characters

Xiaoyu (Tekken)

A 16-year-old high school student that wanted to fight in the Tekken 3 tournament to earn enough money to build her own amusement park, Xiaoyu somehow kept her innocence around the oppressive world the Mishimas built around her. Following the death of Heihatchi, she joins the fifth Tekken tourney to try to gain enough money to go back in time and save the despot. Later she joins in on Tekken 6 in an attempt to save Jin.

Yoshimitsu (Tekken)

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Zangief (Street Fighter)

After emerging from the forests of Russia having had his fill of punching bears, Zangief became a popular wrestler in his homeland. At the request of his government he joined the M Bisons street fighting tournament to bring glory to Russia. This mountain of a man has some complicated but devastating moves, including his patented pile driver, but is often used as one of the more humorous characters by the designers.

But wait, there's more!

Instead of gating them through paid DLC, Capcom's done you a solid and given you the additional 12 characters free of charge, as you soon as you start up the PS Vita version of the game. In case you held out to play them, here's who you'll be saying hello to...

Alisa (Tekken)

Introduced in Tekken 6, Alisa is a the robotic "daughter" of Dr. Boskonovitch, but acts like your typical friendly teenage girl despite her synthetic origins. She befriends Lars Alexander in his quest to stop Jin, though eventually her programming puts her at odds with Lars. They eventually make up, and Lars still ranks among Alisa's friends alongside Xiaoyu and Panda. Though new, the mechanically winged android has become one of the lead stars of the franchise.

Blanka (Street Fighter)

After being lost in a plane crash as a baby, Blanka grew up a wild man in the forests of Brazil, slowly developing his unique style of fighting. He's known the world over for his electrical powers, striking green skin and wild orange hair. Reunited with his mother after the end of SFII, Blanka still finds time to fight in tournaments whenever he can.

Bryan (Tekken)

Once an officer in Interpol, Bryan Fury died and was reborn as a cyborg via the work of Dr Abel. His main rivalries have been with Yoshimitsu (a fellow cyborg created) and Lei, as Lei knows of Bryan's former connections to the Hong Kong underworld. Sometimes searching for a way to extend his artificial life ala the villains in Blade Runner, other times simply entering the tournaments to test his powers, Bryan is one of the tougher customers in the Tekken series.

Christie (Tekken)

Supplanting Eddy Gordo as Tekken's featured capoeria expert, Christie brought her J Lo looks to the series in Tekken 4. Taught by Eddy's master, she joined the Tekken tournaments not to be champion, but usually to get answers on the whereabouts of Eddy or her master. She has few friends in the series, but her main rivals have been Nina, Julia and Bruce.

Cody (Street Fighter)

Originally starring in the Final Fight games, Cody joined the Street Fighter Alpha roster in the third game. Jailed for fighting a little too hard to free the streets of Metro City in FF, Cody is a tough sumbitch that's ultimately on the side of good. He often breaks out of prison whenever he feels like it, usually to get in more fights and seek out his rival/friend Guy.

Dudley (Street Fighter)

The son of a wealthy British family, Dudley reflects a simpler, more gentlemanly era of boxing. Once his fancy family fell on hard times, Dudley put his boxing skills to the test in the realm of Street Fighting. Dudley can come off as either chivalrous or snobbish depending on the game, it's nice to see the SFIII original remembered unlike most of that roster.

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