Stranger Things fans spot hidden clue about season 5 in show’s poster

Eleven in Stranger Things season 4, episode 9
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**Warning: This article contains spoilers from Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2.**

Stranger Things season 5 theories have been swirling around social media ever since the Volume 2 finale aired on Netflix. Fans have been predicting everything from major characters returning to a new villain from the Dungeons and Dragons universe making their debut. While a new theory suggests a major reveal about Vecna’s past could feature in the upcoming season.

In Stranger Things season 4, part 1's finale we learned that Vecna was actually both Number 001 in Dr. Brenner’s experiments, as well as being Henry Creel, a young boy implicated in the murder of his family. Now, some fans have spotted a clue there could be even more twists about his family on their way.

This theory, which has been circulating on TikTok, revolves around a season 4 poster. Netflix releases posters for each of the main characters ahead of the series release. For the latest season, this included a selection featuring locations linked to each of the characters’ storylines.

Eleven’s poster featured the lab, Will’s has California, Hopper’s has Russia, and Steve’s has Vecna’s house in Hawkins. Given season 4’s trajectory, these all make sense. However, it was the poster for Mike’s mother Karen Wheeler that left some viewers perplexed. Not only is she one of the few "side characters" to get her own poster, but her background also features Vecna’s house.

Karen Stranger Things poster

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This has spawned a theory that she could actually be Henry’s sister Alice Creel. We briefly met Alice as a young girl in flashbacks with her family. She was seemingly killed by Henry, but some viewers still think she could make a return. 

One viewer suggested: "I think this will be in season 5." While a second pointed out Karen's reaction at the end of episode 9 when the Upside Down particles were descending on Hawkins. They commented: "I feel like that is a true theory because, in the last scene of episode 9, Alice said: 'Mommy look it’s snowing.' And Karen knew something." While a third added: "I’m still so confused on why she had a poster. Even Enzo had more screen time but he didn't get one."

Of course, we saw Alice was killed by Henry in the flashbacks at his house so it would take some explaining to see how she survived this. Although, this wouldn’t be the first time a dead character has returned to Hawkins...

We’ll have to wait until the fifth and final season to see if any of these theories have any merit. In the meantime, check out our breakdown of the Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 ending, including who died and all of the Easter Eggs we spotted.

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