Steam Summer Sale 2019 is live, here are the deals you can't miss

The Steam Summer Sale 2019 is finally live, and it is full of big discounts on wishlist toppers and plenty of other games that you probably weren't going to buy until you saw that big green "-50%" sticker next to the price tag. As in years past, Steam's juiced up this summer sale with a metagame for folks who buy and play games from now through July 9th. This time it's themed after an automotive Grand Prix, letting Steam users compete for prizes that range from emoji to a free game from their wishlist.

As has become the norm for Steam sales in recent years, there are no limited-time discounts to keep track of throughout the event. Everything that is part of the sale now will be offered at the same price all the way through the end of the event, though it looks like Valve will cycle through a selection of featured games at the top of the storefront to pique your interest. Here's the featured lineup for Steam Summer Sale 2019 Day 1.

You can even get tempting deals on many other recent games, like these titles which were all released in 2019.

There are also several franchise sales, and many of the discounted franchise have sequels or expansions coming out this year. If you've been on the fence about trying these, now's the cheapest time to dive in. 

Make sure you get your wishlist in order if you plan to participate; buying and playing games will help out your team's Grand Prix ranking, and random members of the daily winning team will be awarded their No. 1 wishlist game.

Also remember to not accidentally buy something you already own on another device just because it's so dang cheap. Unless it's that cheap. If you're curious, our friends at PC Gamer have also compiled a list of Steam sale dates (opens in new tab) for the rest of the year, in case you're making some really long-term purchasing plans. And if you need new hardware for these games, don't forget that the Amazon Prime Day deals (opens in new tab) are just around the corner on July 15-16.

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