Starfield Premium Edition includes 5 days of early access

A Starfield ship
(Image credit: Bethesda)

You can play Starfield five days ahead of its full launch if you buy the Premium Edition, Bethesda has revealed.

As you probably well know, Starfield is officially set to release on September 6, 2023 on Xbox and PC, but during today's Starfield Direct, Bethesda announced that folks who shell out for the fancy Digital Premium Edition of the game will get a full five days of early access to enjoy before the full release date. The same early access period is granted to anyone who goes with the even fancier Constellation Edition, which includes a bunch of physical goodies alongside a digital code for the actual game.

Starfield pre-orders are open now in case you want to lock in your copy early. The base game costs $70, while the Premium Edition costs an extra $36 and gets you the newly revealed Shattered Space expansion at launch, a Steelbook case and Constellation patch, a cosmetics pack, a digital artbook and soundtrack, and of course, that sweet, sweet September 1 early access release date.

Mega-fans will want to consider the Constellation Edition, which includes everything listed above as well as an actual frikkin' Starfield watch and a case for said watch. The only thing is, the Constellation Edition costs an eye-watering $300. Like I said, this is one for Bethesda's biggest faithfuls.

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