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Starfield pre-order quicklinks

UK - Xbox: £59.99 at Game
UK - Xbox:
£49.99 at Base

Wishlist Starfield on Steam

We know quite a lot about it, we're very excited about it, and we can now start to put down Starfield pre-orders ahead of its release. The next massive RPG open-world game from Bethesda is the first under their new Microsoft stewardship and sees an enormous, sprawling universe primed for exploration and stories, arrive on Xbox Series X and PC sometime in 2023.

We know the release date is now more of a broad window, but with Starfield pre-orders starting to pop up now, we can nail down copies well in advance and take comfort from the fact that whenever the release actually occurs, our copy will arrive.

However, it must be said - and it'll be quickly obvious - that pre-orders are fairly limited and basic right now: there are only a couple of retailers offering pre-orders for the Xbox copy and the PC version can only be wishlist-ed on Steam. And those listings that are live are only for a standard version of the game, with no bonuses or extras listed - let alone any special or collector's editions.

Where can I pre-order Starfield?

In terms of Starfield pre-order specific locations, it doesn't look brilliant. In the USA, there isn't a single live landing page or link we can direct you to yet. We live in hope that the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart will come good soon.

In the UK you can pre-order a copy for Xbox Series X right now for £59.99 at Game and £49.99 at Base in the UK. The latter represents a £10 saving already which seems like crazy-good value. Again, we hope that other UK retailers like Amazon UK, Currys, and Argos might also end up seeing it and building their own pre-orders soon too. 

As a result, all we can do is say to watch this space for the time being - and also point out that the PC version is only available on Steam to wishlist. Sad times, but we'll keep this pre-order guide updated with more information and links as soon as we get more information.

Starfield pre-orders live now

The Standard Edition (even though it's not officially called that yet) is the version that only a couple of UK retailers are stocking if you want to nail down your copy right now in that region. We think this will change as get more information on pre-order bonuses or start putting together their own editions for pre-order as we get closer to the release window.

Starfield | Xbox Series X | £59.99£49.99 at Base

Starfield | Xbox Series X | £59.99 £49.99 at Base
Get your copy nailed down now at Base in the UK, nice and easy. This is the Xbox Series X edition only as Starfield is an XSX console exclusive.

Also available for £69.99 at Game

However, remember you can also choose to go the Xbox Game Pass route as Starfield will be on there from day one for all! Below you'll also find the latest GamePass deals and prices if you'd prefer to get your Starfield hit that way. And remember, if you're new to GamePass, you can get access to the bank of games for just $1/£1 for the first month.

As a reminder, this is the first big-boy Bethesda that will not be on PlayStation consoles. After Microsoft acquired Bethesda and all its studios PlayStation players can no longer look forward to having those games, saves, and trophies alongside the others from the past however many years. Therefore, this is a straight-up Xbox Series X and PC exclusive game, for lack of a better description.

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