Stardew Valley creator is working on another "new project" besides Haunted Chocolatier

Haunted Chocolatier
(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone, AKA ConcernedApe, has another "new project" up his sleeve beyond Haunted Chocolatier.

Barone made big news today when he announced his next game, an adorable chocolate shop simulator he describes as "more of an action-RPG" than Stardew Valley, but still "uplifting and life-affirming." Haunted Chocolatier's reveal trailer features plenty of gameplay and shows off a variety of environments with a vaguely familiar, predictably charming, pixel art aesthetic. 

In a FAQ page for Haunted Chocolatier, Barone says he started working on Haunted Chocolatier in 2020, but more importantly, he confirms it's not the only new thing he's making. "[Haunted Chocolatier is] actually not the first or only 'new project' I've been working on, but it's the one that I believe I will finish first."

An interesting detail about that quote is that Barone not only confirms he has another project in development, but also seems to reveal that it started development before Haunted Chocolatier. Since Barone expects it to take longer to be ready for launch, that could suggest a project that's bigger in scale than Haunted Chocolatier. Or it could just mean Barone is prioritizing Haunted Chocolatier for whatever reason.

Barone hasn't revealed anything about his other, other game, so it's impossible to say what it could be. Or even if it is a game! Maybe it's a Stardew Valley movie starring Timothée Chalamet.

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