The Bad Batch will explore an area of Star Wars "that has not been often visited"

(Image credit: LucasFilm)

New Star Wars Disney Plus series The Bad Batch (opens in new tab) could be trying something new in a galaxy far, far away, according to Darth Maul voice actor Sam Witwer.

“I will tell you it looks really, really good. It looks absolutely beautiful,” Witwer said of the series during a stream on his Twitch channel (opens in new tab) (via Heroic Hollywood (opens in new tab)).

It’s the brief tease about the plot and where we’re heading, though, that could get the midi-chlorians racing: “The story… at least I know where the story begins in the first several episodes and I am very pleased because it’s a little area of Star Wars that has not been often visited.”

Whether that’s new planets, new locations, or even major new characters remains to be seen, but those perhaps jaded by the Skywalker Saga and all Ahsoka’d out by The Clone Wars ending (opens in new tab) earlier this year have every right to be excited by that.

Announced in mid-July, The Bad Batch will follow the adventures of a special unit populated by Clone Commandos introduced in The Clone Wars’ final season. The series falls intriguingly on the Star Wars timeline, with post-Order 66 lore often relegated to non-canon adventures or rarely explored in much depth.

Here, The Bad Batch can aim to do for Lucasfilm’s animation what The Mandalorian (opens in new tab) did for live-action: inject a dose of the unknown into proceedings, with an eye on teasing out new corners of the universe.

We’ll only know for certain once it releases on Disney Plus next year but with that, Mando, The High Republic, and a slate of new Star Wars movies (opens in new tab) just over the horizon, the future has arguably never been brighter for the franchise.

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