Star Wars: The Clone Wars finale's two cameos explained (spoilers)

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars has come to an end. The animated show primarily explored what happened between the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, while the final few episodes coincided with Episode 3. The biggest talking point from the finale, though, was a certain someone making an astonishing cameo.

But before we dive into that... Spoiler warning! We about to go into detail about the Clone Wars finale. Don't read unless you have seen the episode on Disney Plus!

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Still here? then you have witnessed the return of Anakin Skywalker... well, not quite Anakin, but Darth Vader! 

Darth makes his appearance at the very end of the episode. Ahsoka Tano, with the help of Rex, manages to escape death from Order 66 in a Venator-class Star Destroyer, which eventually crashes. Darth ventures to where the duo landed and finds Ahsoka's lightsaber, fires the blue blade up, and looks to the sky. That's when another familiar character appears – one that has had fans talking.

Morai, the female convor, can be seen flying overhead. As Clone Wars watchers will know, Morai has integral ties to Ahsoka. Way back when, the ethereal Daughter from the mystical world of Mortis had Morai as a servant/pet. When Daughter died, she transferred her life essence to Ahsoka, and Morai has looked over her ever since. 

Star Wars: Rebels watchers will also recognise Morai, as the animal appears occasionally on the show to look over Ahsoka and, at one stage, to meet Ezra Bridger as he entered the world between worlds. If you haven't seen Rebels, the show series is available on Disney Plus, and we wouldn't be surprised if a new season was announced to fill in a few more gaps between the events of Clone Wars and Rebels, which takes place 14 years after the fall of the Republic.

Perhaps, though, it won't be an animated show that fills in the gaps – but a live-action Ahsoka series. Rosario Dawson will appear as the character in The Mandalorian season 2, and perhaps we can expect her to have a spin-off show. We can only hold out hope for even more Ahsoka adventures in the future – and no doubt Morai will be alongside her.

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